Why aren't babies born with name tags?


Pregnancy comes with its' many challenges. Pre-delivery it is the bodily stress and the mental trauma (not trauma really,  that might be bit of an exaggeration but strain nonetheless). Post-delivery, it's the persistent exhaustion that takes a toll.  However the baby offers you an extreme solace and you battle every hurdle that is thrown your way barring one. 
What to name your baby? 
You would think that nine odd months are enough to come up with a sweet meaningful name.  But no!  I spent the nine months doing everything else and the little time (literally 15mins) , I did generously donate to the "name thinking" , I came up with a girls' name and concluded that there are no nice names for boys and hoped I'd have a girl.  (Had I had a girl,  she would've been called Inara) So,  when the doctor said,  "it's a boy" , my first thought was,  "oh!  I thought it would be a girl" and second was,  "I don't have a name for a boy!". The rest of the journey to lookout for that perfect name was bit of a rollercoaster.  A whirlpool of names was thrown at me,  yet nothing seemed to be IT. 

The first name I really liked was Ahaan because naming him anything beginning "A" would make his initials A S S (Ahaan Singh Sangha) . I love my kid and no matter how much I love the name Ahaan,  I can't do that to my baby.  The letter "A" was completely out of the picture.  About that,  once you rule out an alphabet , the only names you do like ALL begin from that same letter, Abeer, Ayaan,  Aryan.  Huh!

Next option was seeking the help of an alphabet chosen by a priest.  The choice that got given to me was "Bh" and hey!  unless you want to name your kid Bhushan,  Bhoodev,  Bhipinder or Bhanu, "Bh" was unacceptable to me.  The alternative to that was "H". I was born into a Hindu family and married into a Sikh family, so, I needed a religion neutral name and none of the names beginning H resonated with me.  None seemed to say "my son's name is this"

The search carried on.  I spent whatever time,  I possibly could looking out for names and eureka!  I found Shehzad and Sheraz. Sheraz was dumped because it sounded girly (I still don't know how)  to my husband and Shehzad,  because a pundit told my MIL that the letter "S" is inauspicious for the baby.  Phew!  Hey there were still 22 letters left to chose from! One of the masses suggested Mehrab and that was ALMOST final when my dad showed disapproval for the name.  We then turned to the name Zoraan but my FIL said it was too complicated and most of the people would mispronounce it. 

That meant 21 days since he was born and he was still without a name. At this point, I was prepared to call him, Bahubali or toothless. My husband was calling him froggie (because he was still in his fetal position). His Nani called him, "tunni (which she still does)  and for his Nana, a mere "aye" was enough to call him out. Everyone of us chose our own name for him. 

Three days later my hubby came up with a name, that could be "The one". Both me and my husband are very naughty and when we were pregnant,  our friends used to tease us that our kid would be a drama queen , king since its a boy.  And not leaving the drama out of his name. 25 days and 9 months later,  we FINALLY named him "Uday Pratap Singh Sangha".
PS: it's still not official as we will get his birth certificate on Tuesday but we aren't changing it now.
  Even he looked distressed when we couldn't come up with a name for him,  refer : photograph


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