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Motherhood and me!

Have you ever had that epiphany when you're sat with nothing but your thoughts, in the dead of the night, "If only I could write a book on my life?" 
And just when you think , 
"This is it! This has been the most defining part of my identity" 
Life happens . . And it springs at you these surprises like rainfall in the month of February, or money hidden in an old forgotten purse! Or you becoming a mother! Some are pleasant and some not so much. Being a mother and EVERYthing that comes with it lay somewhere in the middle for me.
I am at a stage a in this blog train where after reading all the posts, I have felt, "oh! That was so precious, I wish I could relive it" or "oh! I am sure glad that phase is over". Motherhood has been more of getting to know a different side of me rather than changing who I am. 
I somehow believe the quantum theory of multiverses or many parallel universes existing simultaneously !  And somewhere hidden in those mult…

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