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Marriage was a HUGE change for my incredibly independent lifestyle! I did not and could not gauge the amount of changes that marriage would bring with it and hence had a major struggle fitting in!
I could not belong anywhere. My mother's house was apparently no longer mine and my in-laws' house was , well , theirs. Which practically left me with one room. And THAT too had no keys! So, the only private space that I DID have was two cupboards and two drawers.

Cut to four years and some months later, I can NOT tell you how GRATEFUL I am that THAT was all that I had.
Let's face it, I have some SERIOUS hoarding issues!
Off late , I realised it wasn't doing me any good. So I began to declutter my life!
I just started giving it all away!
All those clothes that I don't wear or fit into. I had over 18 pairs of shoes, why did I need so many pairs?
Oh so many cosmetics and I don't even use most.
All those handbags! I ONLY have two arms for CRYING out loud!
The bedsheets …

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