The beginning of a Journey!

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Neha Sharma who shares her adventures with her adorable little munchkin Nemit, for introducing me. I loved her blog on the prompt for today "First year with the Baby"

By about the fifth day, the initial baby related paranoia starts to calm down and you think you can do this. 

That is exactly when the poop episodes begin followed by truckloads of laundry. If that wasn't enough, your baby decides that he doesn't like sleeping during the nights, so you start pulling all nighters thinking "I'll sleep when the baby sleeps" but WILL YOU? 

No, because EVERYbody is so excited about meeting the baby and they come EXACTLY when the baby is sleeping which is when you thought you'd sleep! 

That basically means we can bid a big adieu to sleep and welcome to zombie life. Also those times when you CAN catch a few winks, you decide to stay up and admire your sleeping beauty! The baby you made.

Cut to second month, your baby has now FINALLY decided to show mercy on you. The poops have decreased CONSIDERABLY and the baby decides to sleep the night (well wake up only for feeds which is about 4 times a night but you take what you get and you get a 2 hours of continuous sleep
and you give a HELL YEAH to that!

Everyday after the second month is an easier day. The baby is smiling more, and you're totally head over heels! Slowly you'll start to fall into a routine and things will get easier. The fear, the apprehensions are starting to disappear. The baby is achieving his milestones and you're becoming you normal self again. 

There is a special kind of happiness to all this baby madness. It is the BEST kind of happiness, something that just can NOT be described. Something that you'd have never experienced before. Soon you'll start to wonder if you were ever happy before this? and you wouldn't be able to figure out HOW you were even surviving without your little monkey. What made your day, if not for your baby's smile, before he was in the picture? How did you live so many many years before this magic person took over your life and made it so worthy? 

This little dumpling is all there is . . all that matters and it fills your heart with love love love. 

Here are a few tips for the all the new/would mums: 

  • Download a parenting app. You'll meet other mums there. You are NOT alone. It will also help you get answers from all the other experienced mums. (I used Bmbychakra and love it) 
  • Use a car seat/bouncer. I mean USE it.  It helps you catch up with friends and visit places and is SAFER for the baby while in a car. 
  • TALK to your baby and be prepared to receive the most beautiful laughter and expressions. 
  • SING to your baby, even if you can't and DANCE with and for your baby. 
  • Decorate the baby room with buntings, streamers or anything that is colorful and moves, helps calm a crying baby down. 
  • Massage and bathe your baby yourself! You'll both love it! 
  • Sometimes just sometimes babies cry for no reason at all. Do NOT panic! 
  • Set a sleep routine for the baby. Start teaching the difference between night and day. 
  • GET help!! Even superwoman needs rest. Get a cook or ask your husband to chip in with bay chores or whoever you trust but GET help.
  • Make your baby a more peoples person. Keep a sanitizer at the ready but do let your friends and relatives carry your baby. Will definitely help you keep up with your social life. 
  • Take your baby to around where there are trees. Be prepared to see your baby amazed. 
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Do NOT kill everyone who throws advice in your direction. No matter how annoying it gets, it does come from a good place.  

I would like to this opportunity to introduce , Harneet, a wonderfully helpful mom and her intriguing story about her little miracles. She blows at


  1. Seriously, i also told myself that we will sleep when the baby sleeps, but that doesn't happen ever. Even now, I am mostly working or working with older son's exams or getting things done for my husband when my 3 year old sleeps.
    It definitely gets easier but all your tips are really practical!

    1. It definitely is easier now because mine wouldn't sleep from 4am to 1 pm the next day. Was so totally zombied.

  2. Awww....what beautiful pictures and bang on tips for new mommies. Loved reading it Sumira. Love to Uday baby :*

  3. Laughed through most of this post, some really true insights there! Awesome pictures too.

  4. loved the advise and pictures. totally so adorable. much love and blessings :)

  5. Beautiful picture gallery you have going there. Loved your new mommy tips. As always a lovely post.

  6. Such adorable captures...some great tips especially the one related to advices ;)


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