To my mum and baba

Dear Mummy and Baba,   

When I first read this prompt, I knew that I would write to you and you alone for without you there would be no me. But as I am struggling. Hard.

Words seem to have taken a space ship and scooted off to some alien land. I do not know how or where to begin. I don't know how to best to bring out those sentiments that I wish to express through this letter. How do I even begin to put the gratitude , I feel with every breath that I take that, YOU are my parents! 

My beautiful mummy, I love you! And I can not say it enough. I have NEVER met a woman with as much strength, kindness, quirkiness and zeal as you! I love that you are not afraid to sit on a bench by the roadside to eat ice creams. I love how infectious and loud your laugh is. I love you can be completely crazy without even knowing it. I love how you lose your temper and then start laughing about it. I love how you aren't afraid to climb on trees even at 60. I love how you think about hungry cows and dogs and cats and mew and moo at them. I love how you dance at chatak Bollywood songs. I love how your every weekend involves looking for that perfect parlour who can perfectly colour your hair global. I love how you can juggle so many things and never tire out. I love how easily you make friends but can become incredibly snobbish at the same time. I love how you make me laugh every day. I love how you still baby talk when you want something. I love how you're scared of your own elder daughter. I love how your eyes twinkle when you're upto some mischief. I love how you listen to YouTube every night. I love how you listen to every possible version of "Shape of you" and play it for Uday. I love how every animal or kid is a Tunni for you. And the list goes on but MOSTLY I LOVE how you held on to my hand when I was a child and didn't let it go even now when I am a mother. You have inspired beyond I can say. You inspire me EVERY day. You single handedly take care of every one of us around. You have given me a will to fight when I thought all was lost. You helped me breathe when I couldn't on my own. You taught me not break! You gave me strength and you've given me belief! Mummy, I am grateful with every breath that I take. And I cannot put it in words. 

Baba, you're the simplest man I know. I have NEVER heard you say, "I want" ever ever. I have never have had to explain myself to you, you've just understood and have allowed me to take decisions for myself. You have made me believe only because you believed. You have taught me to accept, be content and move on. You have taught me that love has the power to turn things around. You have taught me to be true to myself, in everything that I do. You've taught me to be selfless. Although I am still trying to figure that one out but I think I am on the right path. 

Both of you together make one complete whole and i hope to pass on everything you've taught me to our precious little baby. 

I love love love love you always always. 

Thank you forever forever. 

Yours Sumira. 

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  1. you know, i precisely had the same dilemma - i tried writing to my father and wrote such a silly letter, i had to trash it. I made several attempts at writing a letter to them but failed every time. I eventually changed my topic. so heart warming to read your blog <3 lovely letter

    1. I was at a complete loss when I begun it . . I still wonder if I did justice to the way I feel about them . But I couldn't write about anything else but them . .

  2. You are a great daughter and mother dear..and you write so your posts ..:)

  3. Super jealous of ur tree climbing, dancing and hair coloring mama. Great post tho! 🤗

    1. Haha thanks! She gives me the shivers though

  4. Now I know from where you got the swag!!! 😘😘 Beautiful as always!!

  5. Its actually so difficult to write to your parents. How do you fit in so many emotions man!!!! 🙈🙈🙈 I also tried. Not sure if I succeeded. Sigh!!!

  6. I know it is hard to convey our feelings to our dear one's and it is our own parents then it is even more tough. You have done a good job.


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