Motherhood and me!

Have you ever had that epiphany when you're sat with nothing but your thoughts, in the dead of the night,
"If only I could write a book on my life?" 

And just when you think , 

"This is it! This has been the most defining part of my identity" 

Life happens . . And it springs at you these surprises like rainfall in the month of February, or money hidden in an old forgotten purse! Or you becoming a mother! Some are pleasant and some not so much. Being a mother and EVERYthing that comes with it lay somewhere in the middle for me.

I am at a stage a in this blog train where after reading all the posts, I have felt, "oh! That was so precious, I wish I could relive it" or "oh! I am sure glad that phase is over". Motherhood has been more of getting to know a different side of me rather than changing who I am. 

I somehow believe the quantum theory of multiverses or many parallel universes existing simultaneously ! 
And somewhere hidden in those multiple folds of my identity was a 'Mother' who I met nearly 7 months ago. 

For a mother , I believe, is probably the strongest of the many multitudes in which I exist. 

This mother does things that I NEVER imagined myself being capable of. From growing, birthing and then nurturing a tiny human life.  To being a tigress who fights for her Cubs while being a bird who shall eventually teach her kids to spread their wings and fly away. I find myself constantly growing, managing, sometimes falling , sometimes failing but always learning! 
I am alert even when sleep time has estranged me. I am patient even when my ear drums are exposed to piercing screams. I am full of mush even when I am sarcastic on the outside. 
I find myself adapting and re-adapting constantly. Forever wearing my many shades. Shades that I may need for the day or the moment. Motherhood has been my favorite so far! 

This post is a part of the blog train- 2 started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies where she has brought together mothers from across the globe. Do read her blog post on How Motherhood has changed me 

Following me will be  Ranjani,currently a SAHM, blogger, designer and a DIY enthusiast. She's obsessed with early and creative learning ,everything related to babies and motherhood! This obsession has nudged her to start writing and share everything she knows!

You can read her take on "How motherhood has changed me" here 


  1. So beautifully written.. although i tend to lose my patience at times but i am way more composed now than I ever was.. motherhood you see..

    1. Oh yeah I have my moments of meltdown as well but very few since I became a mother

  2. Sumira .. U have brought out all the woes out in this post .. Yet it felt so positive! Thats the bestest .. Thing i loved in this post 😍
    Patience is one virtue I have to really really master.. And you seem to have conquered it! 🙃 Loved reading ur take

    1. Gayathri I still have a long way to go when it comes to being patient! I am patient on most occasions but sometimes I lose it

  3. Fantastic post.. short sweet and on point!

  4. "To being a tigress who fights for her Cubs while being a bird who shall eventually teach her kids to spread their wings and fly away." This is a very powerful thought. Loved reading your blog, Sumira. Good one!

  5. Loved loved loved ur post. .short an sweet...loved d tigeress and bird phrase i loved


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