From All that Jazz to Jazz and more

From all that jazz to jazz and more!

So it is official! There's a nip in the air, we've got our woolies out, the sun is hiding behind grey clouds and I have coffee cravings!

It's the onset of winter.

On days such as this, I imagine it to be a Sunday and all I want to do is to sit in a cosy corner with a cuppa, listen to Louis Armstrong, read a book and then sway about in my own magic winter wonderland!

But THIS year, I have a baby in this picture. My whole world just went Topsy turvy, didn't it? The cuppa and the book can wait but the baby doesn't have to! We're still listening to Louis Armstrong and we are still enjoying the little chill kissing our cheeks and we are imaging ourselves wearing our big frilly gowns and waltzing about in a big shiny rooms.

Quick - quick - slow, one and two, three and four

So what, if in reality, we are in our jammies and husband's lose sweater! So what if our hair is messy and our clothes have tell tales signs of the food we splattered about! So what, if our room looks like it was hit by a hurricane! So what if isn't all jazz, because it is MORE!


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