All of my life, I don't remember hearing the word no much from my parents. I could confidently bring girl or guy friends over even as a hormone crazed teenager, I could go to parties, I even stayed completely alone for 7 years. And yet, I haven't made any choices that I regret today. Without anyone having to tell me, I knew what my limits were. I knew what I needed to do. I often wondered how my parents did it that is when I had a child of my own.

My son is going to turn 9 months tomorrow. He can now sit up straight on his own without support. He reaches out to things he wants and grasps tightly on to things he doesn't want to let go off. Everyday he tries at least a 1000 times to stand. Sometimes he will wake up from his sleep just to try and stand once more. He will laugh at things he finds funny and show is displeasure at things he disapproves of. He practically waves now.
Why is this relevant to freedom?
Something about motherhood and watching your child grow everyday, gives you perspective.
In these 9 months, I haven't taught him much. And yet he is learning, every day. Sometimes by watching us or sometimes guided by his own instincts.

I guess that is how childhood was for  me that exactly how his life is going to be as well. He will take his own decisions and I will doing what I need to be doing. Set the rights examples for him, closely watch him take decisions, guide him when he needs help, comfort him if he needs and catch him if he's about to fall. How and why should I have a confined child when I feel free myself!

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