So my brain works in warped ways! But I needn't say this as is obvious from my posts but sometimes my brains surprises even me!
Just when I think my thoughts can not get any weirder, I start  to think about various parts of my body and their experiences with pregnancy and motherhood!

Early on during pregnancy the uterus finds a tenant!
How EVER this tenant slowly becomes more and more demanding and has some serious space issues. Not only does this tenant not pay any rent but it has an ACTUAL gall to demand constant expansion while putting pressure on urinary bladder as well which finds itself on a constant trip to the toilet!
Here our poor little tummy is sitting minding it's own business but this little tenant needs for it to expand to be left deflated like balloon once the tenant leaves it.

The tenant leaving is a whole new ball game as other parts also start giving in their two cents!
The legs lying limp on the hospital bed after having being left hanging on skewers while this tenant pushes out of a teeny tiny space.
Once out,
The eyes suffer from a zombie apocalypse . .
The muscles forever screaming with all sorts of pains . .
The hair starts showing suicidal tendencies . .
The brain has now become a tomb to what once was. .
Now that the tenant has moved out . .
Breasts: "We feel like God,  We produce exilir that makes this tenant strong"

Arms to breast: "Your exilir is helping with our strength training , not that we asked for it but thanks!"

And suddenly this tenant is erupting sharp pointing pearly whites.

The boasting breasts are now being bitten on "Owwwwwwww what the ...."

No mouth no! You can't say complete that sentence

Ears chip in "but we are used to that word"

It turns out the tenant isn't and shouldn't so you find the mouth drowning all the profanities along with the saliva!

Here the eyes demand at least some time off!!
But the tenant would have none of it!!
So we are as mothers and our bodies slaves to our children but our hearts pumping endless love. Slaves we maybe but this is the kind of slavery we shall happily accept.



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