The Tale of the Mysterious Pee

I was never one for toilet humour but a LOT has changed since I have had him in my life. From who I was to who I am becoming and toilet humor is a part of this change.  I no longer cringe at having to touch another humans poop (as long as the human is your baby) . You made the human so touching his poop and pee becomes a part of you. I guess becoming a carer of newborn involves so much poopee that eventually , it becomes you!  Cleaning up after him and doing dirty poopee laundry becomes a major part of your daily routine.  You make milk for baby➡️ baby feeds milk ➡️ baby makes poopee ➡️ you clean dirty laundry and REPEAT!  BUT this post is not about that,  where is the mystery in that,  you'd ask? 

So,  let's get on with the post. 

My little man knows that his mummy enjoys mystery novels so he created a plot of his own for me to solve. In his early days,  I would find that not only his nappy and wrapping sheet are wet but also an area a few inches away and his clothes are also pee-wet.  How a tiny human,  all of 52cms high manage to make so much pee,  was questionable to say the least? The most mind boggling of it all was how he'd wet the area around and also his clothes even when his shirt was rolled up to avoid another pee disaster?

The detective in me,  knew the answer lay in watching him pee,  which is what I did. My mum, having raised two daughters, and I having no prior experience with babies,  had no idea that a baby boy's pee can go in ALL directions (literally)  if left unsupervised. His little thing (he's going to give me a lot of dirt when he grows up, for discussing his private parts on a social platform, if he finds out) aims and shoots a projectile right at you, if you're not careful!  Yes ladies, he has surprise pee attacked me while changing nappies on a few occasions.

The good news,  however is,  that the little batter has changed a few of his habits.  After me rushing him to the sink every hour and hoping that he'd take a jab at the evil washbasin instead,  is paying of.  He now lets out a wail when it's pee pee time and we both aim to bathroom.  (A little pee tub is on the list of things to buy for the baby)  but until then it's hurrah!  for all the nappies and sheets and clothes that I manage to save from his pee. Less laundry to do!  Double hurrah!  You still need to watch out for that poo though! 


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