I Dare . . not . . .

I have just spent the last 15 mins staring at the blinking cursor of my mobile phone.
*Dare* *no**give**up**breakfree**share*
These seemingly ordinary words have been messing with the wiring in my head from the past few days now, but the ink in my pen is still quite unused. Not to mention , with this one dancing on my head. (yes, I am one of those evil mum's who laughs when my child is being unreasonably tantrumy)

I have ALWAYS thought my jingled jangled  life to be an interesting brew of some flavoursome and some mismatched concoctions and YET the words just would NOT flow in a rythmic trance, as I had hoped they would. WHAT is it that I have done, that is post-worthy?

I sat myself down with a pen and a paper or the open page of the notepad on my phone to get this going. I forced my rusting brain to work to my commands. I took it places just to make this any easier. I seeked inspiration, well whereever I could, you know, the usual places, the kitchen, the garden, the throne, the office canteen but this ordeal does not, absolutely not, seem to get any easier.

Surely I must have done SOMETHING adrenaline pumping, something that made my brain go whoosh boosh bamboozled and sent shivers down my spine. ANYTHING in my 32 years, that deserves a mention but I am staring at the blinking cursor again. I don't know if it just me or I have been staring at this too long but it has turned green from black. Maybe the cursor's rotting as well just like my brain?!?!!?!??!?

So I took a break.

Cut to: evening

I left it there and marched off to work hoping I would be the leprechaun returning with pots of gold or flooded with golden light full of ideas shining down some mercy on me. ANY gold would do me good at this point! *Sighs*

 The ONLY thing I have returned is with is heavy eyes! You can say it was a BUSY day at work.

So where am I now?
Two hours away from cut off
A growling tummy
Lazy fingers
A brain that just can't remember any anecdotes from my life
Questioning my oh-so-exciting life!

I always fancied me a pretty courageous person but I can't exemplify this with a story. Does this mean.  .  . . . . . .?

I DARE not complete this sentence. So I shall just BREAK FREE !

This post is a part of the Dare-a-thon series hosted by our very lovely The Momsteins

Prisha @mummasaurus1 
 Charu @themomsagas
Preetjyot @mylittlemuffin 

I would like to thank Nishtha for introducing. You can read her take and also interesting snippets about her daily on her blog.

I would also like to introduce Sonia to read her take and also about her life as a mommy.

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  1. A refreshing post!! Words are witty and well played around..

  2. Love your style of writing Sumira and your take on the prompt! Like it how humbly you mention " I always fancied me a pretty courageous person but I can't exemplify this with a story. "

  3. Your style of writing is commendable. Loved this pis. T


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