I have been writing for ever since I can remember. Not a lot of what I write makes sense either, but I write, just to hold on a fleeting thought that crossed my mind. Here's a thought that I thought in the June of 2012 from a blog that never saw the public eye, because it was like a storage space for me. Today , I have decided to dig this piece out. Bear in mind that , this was a time when I hated rain and the rain hated me. I believed with all of my heart that the rain was set out to destroy the teeniest of seeds of happiness in me but on this date in the June of 2012 , it was different. I was happy . So here's to happy rain memory.

 has changed sides, au jourd'hui. It's brought me this happy feeling evening.Actuality, a word I discovered, I really liked. I like it because, it makes me believe like something is happening. Always happening .
 Like machinery, even though I don't like machines too much, but TODAY, it fascinates me. I imagine the hinges, the dials moving about in constant zigzags, horizontals, verticals, and circles, never ending, all so very geometrical.

 Fascinating indeed.All of it so musical.
 It's very musical, all of it, in my head. Besides, I always like it when there is music in my head. I had seemed to have lost it for a while but TODAY, I can hear it little whispers. Very distant but it is there and it's comforting. Had you asked me two days back, I would've said that the whisper would die into nothingness but TODAY, I am sure it will snow down into a blizzard, a musical blizzard. I like blizzards, A twisty twirly burst of snow and right in the middle of all the confusion there is you. THERE IS YOU!!!!!! and INDEED it is ALL very very beautiful.A voice in my head, very misleading, lost itself, but set out to guide me to the deserts of Azure. A real wild child gone astray, rolled into a cigarette and smoked into whiffs of several dying hearts, out to change the world they didn't believe in. A million strings of wonder, maniacal geniuses who ended at 28 but their whispers never stopped, like machinery, mechanically, chemically, thermally, electrically powered and frequently motorized. True to the word of the lizard king himself, even I shall turn off the lights when the music's over. Yeah.


  1. Your writing skills are great.. Seems so rhythmic and like a fairy tale


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