Oopsie Poopsie

Your life is divided in two phases
Before parenthood:
The sight,  the sound or even the thought of POOP would make my stomach jump like Mexican beans. 

Parenthood needed us to be :

Resilient like a soldier in a battlefield because there is pee, poop and PLENTY of it. Raising a white flag and calling truce is NOT an option.  So we learnt to face our fears.

And oh it came down!  Like incessant Bombay rain, the granular mustard shower, sometimes as many as 6-7 times a day.

We kept our ammunition at the ready,
Sterilised cotton (lots of it) : ☑ CHECK

Plastic bags (for the not-so-sterilised-anymore cotton): ☑CHECK

Gentle moisturizer for baby bum: ☑  CHECK

Fresh nappies (about a few hundred should be fine): ☑ CHECK

Bucket with DD (detergent and dettol for the dirty laundry-for your after poop amusement): ☑ CHECK

Sanitizer (to maintain your hygiene sanity): ☑ CHECK

This is what our lives had come down to, Joy (the hubbub), me,  our precious little bundle and his POOP

And he pooped on our laps, on our bare hands, on our clothes, in public places, now, it doesn't gross us out anymore.

His poop levels have finally come down considerably, the baby has shown mercy. Hurrah hurrah!

Parenthood will keep you on your toes till you just learn to jiggy with it! 


  1. Haha... you always describe the pee poop tales in such a fun way that it will make new and would be parents to look forward to their own peepoo battle field as a play ground... enjoyed reading it! Keep writing ❤ -Neha Sharma

  2. So glad you enjoyed that Neha!! :)


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