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The Summer that is . . The summer that was

This is the last post of this blog train and the irony is that the part of the globe we are in, the summer has just ended. So we are EXACTLY at that stage where EVERYthing that was meant to be said about summer has been said. It is that time when the hostility is dwindling and we have raised white flags to all the harshness caused by the heat.

The air between us has cleared which means our heads and our hands now have the warm reassurance of our hoodies and our gloves. We have woken up to winter and summer seems rather like a dream that you partly remember.

 You remember it being hot but you seem to have forgotten the sweaty interlude brought out by the scorching sun. You remember that news piece mentioning that Mercury touched its peak but don't remember how it felt on that day.  You remember craving the cooling deliciousness of ice creams in the evenings but can't think of ice cream now without a shiver.
You look at that pile of sleevelesses and shorts and wonder how you ne…

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